‘The Old Shed’ was built in 1968 using beams hand cut from tuart trees standing at over 4m tall and we estimate another 2m in the ground. These are combined with beautiful jarrah beams up to 10m in length for holding the structure in place. Originally used as a grape drying shed, it has undergone a major renovation over several years to become one of the most charming and unique venues in the Swan Valley region.

We have tried to keep the history of the shed intact, keeping the scars it has retained over the years.  You can still see the pegs in the beams that were used to hold the drying racks.  The concrete is discoloured in places because of oils and other liquids spilled over the years.  Every imperfection tells a story.  It has been transformed into a beautiful relaxing rustic style party shed.

The centrepiece is a magnificent 10 metre long table made from solid jarrah.  Matching benches either side allow comfortable seating for up to 40 of your guests.

Some of the vital statistics:

  • The shed measures 25m long by 8.5m wide
  • Front section is 15m long and that has the 10m table which seats 20 people either side. It also has a few sofas and a large screen TV
  • Back area has sofa seating and a games section next to it for those who like to relax with a game of chess or other games. This is 10m long and a quieter area for chilling.
  • Additional tables and chairs can bet set up outside
  • Kitchen is 6m by 2m wide and comes equipped with a single glass door fridge and a double glass door fridge for food. It has a separate caterer’s entrance.
  • Kitchen is equipped with:
    • 80x champagne glasses.
    • 30x mixed beer glasses.
    • 50x commercial plastic red wine glasses.
    • 50x Italian red wine glasses.
    • 50x drinking water or soft drink glasses.
    • 50x coffee mugs.
  • A large 120cm wide oven and stove with 5x top elements & Matador BBQ is available.

The venue caters up to 100 people. It has been used for long lunches, meetings, weddings, parties and a variety of other private functions.