1. Agreement to the contract
1.1 Purpose of hire: Organisations, groups or individuals hiring the venue do so only for the stated purpose of hire. The purpose of hire must be lawful and conducted in a manner that does not adversely disrupt neighbours.
1.2 Restrictions: We normally do not allow parties (birthdays, graduations etc.) for ages between 18-30 years.
1.3 Times of hire: The period of hire shall commence and conclude strictly at the agreed times nominated on the ‘Venue Hire Application Form’ and the venue must be vacated promptly at the conclusion of the hiring period. An extra charge will be imposed for any additional time used which is not booked in advance. Please note: that our premises are monitored by CCTV.
1.4 Vacation of venue: No amplified music can be played past midnight. Premises must be vacated no later than 1 AM.
2. Application for hire and confirmation of booking
2.1 Once a ‘Venue Hire Application Form’ is received, you will receive a confirmation of the booking via email within seven (7) working days. If you do not receive a confirmation after seven (7) working days, please telephone us.
3. Hire costs and payment arrangement
3.1 All hiring rates are subject to change until a completed Venue Hire Application Form is received with the appropriate deposit and you have received a confirmation email
3.2 Payment arrangement: A $1,000 deposit is required with the Venue Hire Application Form to secure your date. If your date has become unavailable for whatever reason you will be given the option to select another date or have your deposit returned in full.
3.3 When half the time between the application date and the booked date has passed then 50% of the remaining booking fee is payable. The final balance is payable no later than seven days before the event. For example, if you book on January 1 for a July 1 event you will need to pay the deposit on January 1, half the remaining balance on April 1 and the balance no later than June 23.
3.4 If full payments are not received within the specified time frame, your booking may be cancelled and all deposits and payments are forfeited.
4. Bond
4.1 The Hirer will be required to complete a Credit Card Bond Form for a bond amount of $1,000. The form is required to be completed and returned within 30 days of the hire date.
4.2 This bond is held until the conclusion of your booking/s. The credit card will be charged only if there is a need for a bond deduction due to:
4.2.1 items listed at 4.6 Schedule of Additional Charges or
4.2.2 a cancellation fee for the hired venue (See 5. Cancellation of booking).
4.3 At the conclusion of the hire, the facility will be inspected for any damage. Extra cleaning expenses caused by the hirer will result in a deduction of their bond.
4.4 The hirer will acknowledge on the Credit Card Bond Form that the card holder is responsible for leaving the premises in its original condition and is liable for any damage caused whilst on premises.
4.5 A copy of identification (license, proof of age card, passport) is required, and will be kept on file with your application.
4.6 Schedule of additional charges: In the event of any of the following circumstances the hirer agrees to the BOND being utilised for the associated costs or fee incurred to a maximum of $1,000.00.
5. Not Included Items Additional Charges
• Packing away or cleaning Chairs/Tables
• Additional cleaning of premises
• Hirer’s personal items or hired equipment left at premises outside of agreed hire period
• Excess rubbish not removed
• Electrical appliances or heaters left on
• Cigarette butts & broken/empty bottles around outside areas
• Decorations or parts thereof left at premises
• An event which requires the attendance of any Emergency Services $ cost of infringement
• Fine incurred for excessive noise $ cost of infringement
6. Any damage as outlined, but not limited to:
• Broken window / glass
• Damage to flooring
• Damage to venue property / premises $ full cost of repair
7. Rescheduling and cancellation
7.1 Rescheduling is permitted without cost provided at least 30 days’ notice is given and the rescheduled date is available for hire. All requests to reschedule an event will need to be in writing.
7.2 Cancellation of booking In the event of cancellation all monies paid as a deposit and interim payments are forfeited.
7.3 We reserve the right to cancel your booking (or future bookings) if the terms and conditions of hire are breached. We will provide written or verbal notice cancelling a booking (without advance warning if necessary) if:
7.3.1 The hirer neglects to pay fees within the required timeframe.
7.3.2 We become aware that any event, goods, or services proposed to be held or provided by the hirer is/are objectionable, dangerous, inappropriate for the venue, prohibited by law, or would be of detriment to Swan Street Vineyard, the community, or be in contravention of any laws or the conditions stipulated in the hire agreement. In this case, any payment received will be retained by us.
7.3.3 Repairs or alterations are underway.
7.3.4 The premises are not fit for use due to electrical or security failure, or damage.
7.3.5 You have not provided evidence of adequate insurance coverage if required.
8. Access to venue
8.1 Premises may only be occupied during the times specified in the Application For Venue Hire. For most functions you will have access to the premises the day before and the day after your event to allow you to set up before and clean up after.
8.2 The hirer must ensure that the event concludes and premises are vacated no later than 1 AM.
8.3 All goods and equipment provided by the hirer (including music equipment, jukeboxes, decorations, leftover food/drink etc) must be removed from the premises within the hire time period.
9. Public liability insurance
9.1 All hirers holding a public event or providing a public service to the community must provide evidence of their own public liability insurance to a value of $10 million. Hirers will be required to provide a copy of their Public Liability Insurance prior to the event. Please note: A Public Event is an event which is;
• open to members of the public;
• that is advertised to the general public;
• either free to attend or has an entry cost;
• aimed to sell or promote goods or services (eg. Tupperware Party)
9.2 A Private Event: is an event which is by invitation only. For example a birthday party. Private events would be adequately covered by our Public Liability Insurance
9.3 $1,000 excess is payable in the event of any claim on our insurers made by hirers.
10. General obligations
10.1 Personal belongings / food items left unattended at the venue will be at the hirer’s own risk. Any equipment arranged by the hirer (eg. Jukebox) must be removed from the venue by the end of the hire period.
10.2 The hirer must allow un-restricted access to the venue at any time by us or our appointees, security officers or emergency officers.
11. Cleaning, setting up and packing up
11.1 All of the following is required within the period of hire:
11.1.1 The premises must be left in a clean and tidy condition with floors swept, the kitchen cleaned and mopped and all furniture returned to their original locations.
11.1.2 Cleaning and pack up time must be included within the hire session time. The Hirer is responsible for the Set up and Pack up of furniture required by the hirer.
11.1.3 We will provide one 240 litre rubbish bin. The hirer is responsible for removing all other rubbish from the premises at their cost.
11.1.4 If the premises are not cleaned as required at the end of the hire period, cleaning costs will be deducted from the bond accordingly.
12. Decorations and advertising
12.1 The erection of decorations is permitted on the condition that they do not damage or mark any part of the building. Extreme care should be taken that decorations do not present a fire hazard.
12.2 Painting of any surface in the Shed is strictly forbidden. This includes temporary paints.
12.3 If decorations are not removed or damage from decorations is caused, the cost of removal will be deducted as detailed in the security bond section of the hire agreement.
12.4 Glitter, party-poppers and smoke machines are not permitted.
12.5 Parties must not be advertised on Facebook or other media.
12.6 Hirers are responsible for bearing the full cost in case of a false alarm relating to a fire or security call out.
12.7 There are to be no naked flames in the Shed.
12.8 Standing, walking or dancing on the large table is strictly prohibited.
13. Restrictions to numbers
13.1 To satisfy fire regulations the maximum capacity for each venue is required on the application. Strict adherence to this capacity must be maintained.
13.2 If this term is breached, a fee may be charged as detailed in the security bond section of the hire agreement.
14. Food Catering / barbeques
14.1 Preparation of food and beverages must be confined to kitchen area (with the exception of food trucks). Barbeques are permitted for use outside the shed only. A barbeque is provided for use if required. The kitchen must be left clean and tidy as per the original condition that the kitchen was presented at the start of the hire session.
15. Smoking, alcohol and fires
15.1 Smoking is NOT permitted inside the venue.
15.2 Alcohol consumption is permitted in accordance with relevant regulations. If Hirers provide alcohol or permit alcohol to be consumed at their event, they do so at their own risk. The sale of liquor without a suitable license is illegal and therefore strictly prohibited.
15.3 Small fires are permitted in the supplied fire boxes only. These fire boxes will be placed by us in appropriate locations. You are required to supply your own firewood. Fires are not permitted under any circumstances during periods of a total fire ban or when local regulations prohibit them. Any fire lit outside a fire box may result in the immediate termination of your event.
16. Noise
16.1 Please be aware that the venue is in a residential area and due consideration must be given to nearby residents. Excessive noise could incur a fine for which the hirer is liable as per security bond section of the Hire Agreement. Premises must be vacated no later than 1 AM.
17. Damage to property or premises
17.1 ‘Damage’ is considered as breakages that impair the value, usefulness, or normal function of our venue. A requirement of additional cleaning is also considered under ‘Damages’ in these terms and conditions.
17.2 Any damage that occurs to the premises during the time of hire must be reported to us as soon as possible.
17.3 For any damage incurred by the hirer or one of their invited guests, the cost of repairs will be deducted as detailed in the security bond section of the Hire Agreement.
18. Illegal activity
18.1 If any activities in or around any venue instigate the attendance of the Police (during hire or thereafter), a fee may be charged as detailed in the security bond section of the Hire Agreement.
19. Security and safety
19.1 Hirers are responsible for the security and safety of themselves, their guests and the building and grounds during the time of hire. Hirers are also responsible for the behaviour of guests at their event.
19.2 The hirer must allow un-restricted access to the venue at any time by us, security officers or emergency officers.
20. Cleaning and packing up
20.1 Premises must be vacated no later than 1 AM.
20.2 It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that the premises and grounds are left in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the hire and all equipment is returned to storage.
20.3 If the cleaning is not to a suitable standard, the cost of engaging cleaners will be deducted as detailed in the security bond section of the Hire Agreement.
20.4 At the end of the hire, Hirers must ensure that the following points noted on the checklist have been completed:
21. Hirer’s checklist:
 All tables and chairs are returned to the original position
 All decorations have been removed (including balloons, tape and adhesives, streamers, etc)
 Any cooking equipment used has been washed and returned to storage
 Toilets have been left in a reasonable state and tidied of excessive rubbish
 All floors have been swept and mopped.
 All rubbish has been placed in the bin provided to capacity only, or removed from the premises
 All additional items belonging to the hirer are removed from the venue (including food and drinks, music equipment etc). Hirers are not permitted to access the venue after the time stipulated on the hiring agreement. Additional hire charges will apply
 All taps, heating, fans and lights have been turned off
 Kitchen windows are closed
 All doors are locked and secure